is a small seaside village just south of Puerto Vallarta. (It is not to be confused with another village north of the Vallarta airport called Boca de Tomates.) Boca de Tomatlan is so named because it is at the "mouth" (boca) where the Rio de Tomatlan meets the Pacific Ocean. Inland along the river is the larger village of Tomatlan, which is a major agricultural growing area for -- you guessed it -- tomatoes!

To get to Boca de Tomatlan, you take the Mex 200 highway south for about 15 kilometers (8 miles). The drive itself is an adventure, as the highway winds itself around the Sierra Madre Mountains, along the ocean, from cove to cove, offering up spectacular views of the mountains cascading sharply down into the Pacific.

There are a number of places with lofty vantage points where you can pull off the road to snap a few photos. The drive will seem too short because with each turn, the scenery gets better and better. The tiny Mexican village of Boca de Tomatlan surrounds a secluded lagoon-like cove toward the southern-most end of the Bay with gentle aqua-marine waters and warm, soft sand.